About the Company

About African Garden Trading

African Garden Trading was born in 2013 out of the dearth of cost-effective procurement options in Africa and the need to deliver quality products to remote territories.

Goods and services such as industrial clothing, fresh produce and security systems are often hard to find in isolated locations. In fact, many of the people living in these rural areas don’t have a convenience store within miles, let alone a supermarket, hardware store or warehouse store.

After starting out on a small scale and only trading with one or two African countries, we soon realised there was a much bigger need as many companies were looking for ways to bypass extensive mark-ups when it came to procurement.

Naturally, we expanded and soon started supplying goods to places like Kigali in Rwanda, Mogadishu in Somalia and Juba in South Sudan, to name just a few.

Yet, the African continent is not where we stop as we have also extended our services to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.