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What Is The Turnaround Time When It Comes To Delivering Supplies/Services?

It depends on the order (size, type, availability) and the accuracy of the initial brief from the client.

If, for example, you order uniforms and the information you supply is specific and detailed, it can take anything from a week to three weeks.

On the other hand, if you order customized containers then it can take up to four months.

Every order is different and the turnaround time can also be influenced by whether or not additional products need to be imported/exported.

What Types Of Products /Services Do You Trade In?

We have an extensive range of products varying from industrial clothing like gloves and boots, and healthy safety gear, to garments for the hospitality industry and truck spare parts.

Our catalogue also includes fresh produce and advanced security systems such as tracking devices and wireless alarm systems.

However, don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t find a specific item in our catalogue as we are always open to exploring new markets.

Which Countries Have You Previously Supplied Goods To?

We have an excellent track record and no country or village is too remote for us. We have supplied goods to:

  • Mogadishu – capital and the most-populous city in Somalia
  • Juba – capital and largest city in South Sudan
  • Kigali – capital of Rwanda
  • Goma – city in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Douala – the largest city in Cameroon

We are, however, not limited to these countries above as we have even supplied goods to the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

How Will My Supplies Get To Me?

We have an excellent relationship with dozens of freight companies and they were carefully selected due to their fast and reliable services.

Our main priority is to ensure that our clients’ deadlines are met.

Can We Save Money Through Direct Imports?

Without a doubt!

One of our clients was unhappy with how expensive uniforms have become and felt the quality and level of branding was not acceptable for the price they were paying.

They asked us to look at alternative suppliers and promised to give us the go-head for a substantial order on two conditions: we needed to present a price that was even to the current offer on the table and the quality of the products had to be superior.

Guess what? It took us 10 days to get the first samples to the client and not only was the quality of the material and branding better, but we were able to get it at 25% cheaper than the original price.